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Supertec DW-618 MSurface Grinder

Supertec DW-618 MSurface Grinder

Stock Number: 3392

Supertec DW-618 M

Condition: NEW

precision Surface grinder, hand feed, ball way, 6" X 18", Supertec

Table Working Surface:6" X 18"
Cross Slide Travel:6.3"
Table Travel:19"
Wheel Size:8" X 1/2" X 1,1/4"
Distance from Spindle center to table15.7"
Spindle Drive Motor:3 HP
Vertical downfeedhanwheel on top
handwheel graduation0.0001"
handwheel per revolution0.05"
Cross Movement 
handwheel per graduation.001"
handwheel per revolution.2"
Machine weight1995 lbs.
Floor space61" X 51" X 87"
Optinal Equipment: 
OLP-2-5003 Walker Electro magnetic fine line chuck$1,625.00
OLP3-5002 Automatic chuck control$ 965.00
OG2-2005 Combination Coolant & dust collector$ 1,590.00
OP2-5004, Permanent magnetic chuck$ 1,290.00
OP2-2001coolant system 40 L$ 690.00
OG2-2004 Coolant system w/paper filter 100L) 230/460V$ 1,850.00
OG2-2002 coolant Sys w/ mag. sep. & paper filter$ 2,650.00
OP2-2005 Combination Coolant & Dust$ 1,590.00
OP2-2006 Dust Collector$ 1,220.00
OP2-2008* Splash Guard$ 350.00
OP2-9001* Full Enclosure$3,190.00
OLP2-8008 Sony DRO, 2 Axis$2,300.00
OLP2-8009 Sont DRO One (1) axis$1,550.00
Installation of DRO 1 axis/2 axis$450.00/$550.00

Equipped With:
3HP Spindle motor, Cartridge type spindle, Double "V" guideways, Ball ways on "X", Diamond dresser, Balancing Arbor, Machine lamp, Wheel extractor, Dust guard, Manuals, Toolbos and one year warranty

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Supertec DW-618 MSurface Grinder
Myers Technology Co.
2150 Touhy Ave
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

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