Myers Technology Company

High-Tech Expertise in 5-axis Machining
The major structure parts are manufactured from
high quality Meehanite cast iron, tempered for
stress relief. The spindle head elevation employs a
pneumatic type balance system to minimize
the spindle head vibration during moving.
The 5-axis synchronized machining saves
machining time reduces repetitive workpiece
setup and error,while dramatically increasing
machining and accuracy.Pinnacle AX320/ AX450
are proven to be super machines for high
efficiency and accuracy.

Features :
- 660 x 610 x 610 mm Travel
- A Axis Tilt 150° (-120°/+30°)
- C Axis Rotary 360°
- Rapid Feedrate 30/30/24
- 9/12 Kw Spindle Motor
- ISO40 Spindle Taper
- X, Y & Z Axis Linear Way

Rigid, Stable, Accurate
Ruggedly Constructed Throughout to Provtde Lifetime Accuracy Year After Year
  • The major structural parts are manufactured form high quality Meehanite cast iron (GB 300), tempered for stress relief with hardness over 190HB.
  • Roller type linear ways on X, Y, Z axis increased stability.
  • X, Y, Z axis are transmitted with class C3, Ø40mm ball screws.
Hollow Ball Screw With Cooling System
  • Oil cooling through ball screws on X, Y, Z axis minimizes thermal deformation and backlash, while ensuring smooth motion during rapid traverse.
Pneumatic Balance System
  • The Z-axis is pneumatic counter-balanced via high response pneumatic cylinders. Plus an air reservoir tank to boost the balancing performance, ensuring fast and stable Z-axis movement, giving high surface finish.
Cooling System To Spindle
  • The spindle oil cooler permits the spindle to keep a constant temperature running and ensures long service life. It also provides high efficiency machining and high accuracy.