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For those seeking both new and used ACRA equipment, Myers Technology Co., LLC is the unparalleled choice. We offer a phenomenal range of ACRA machines known for their excellent design, function, and longevity. Our steadfast commitment to quality ensures every piece of ACRA equipment we vend meets or exceeds not just industry standards, but our customers’ expectations too.

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Types of ACRA Equipment

ACRA offers an array of equipment types, each designed to specific industry needs:

ACRA: Industry Leader and Innovator

ACRA has a rich heritage of providing machines that are well-regarded for their durability and engineering excellence. These machines are employed in diverse industries across the globe from small production shops to large manufacturing facilities. ACRA's unique selling points include a wide range of machine types, expertly designed for optimal performance and longevity, as well as timely innovation, ensuring they remain at the pinnacle of the industry.