Pinnacle Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was founded in 1976. Pinnacle manufactures machines such as 5-axis, double column, vertical, and horizontal as well as CNC lathes. Myers Technology Company is proud to be the US distributor for Pinnacle Machine Too Co.


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Auto screw machines are used around the world, thus leading to a multitude of special attachments and tools that have been developed over the years which enable them to produce products for almost every industry. These amazing machines have helped build everything from electronics and automotive to medical and aerospace. Generally, screw machines are designed for high volume production, like most CNC machinery, for optimum utilization. Requiring extensive tooling, they tend to not be used for short run production as they excel when production requires high output.

Automatic screw machines aren’t simply for the production of just screws. Other items that these machines can produce include; Shafts, Pins, Knobs, Bolts, Orthotics and all kinds of Medical device components. This is just touching the surface of what these machines are capable of!

These lines of machineries also come in different sizes and varieties. This includes Single Spindle devices which we carry under Brown & Sharpe, Index, Miyano and Escomatic. Then there are all the Multi-Spindle machines that have up to 8 spindles turning simultaneously. Brands that we carry for Multi-Spindles include Acme Gridley, Cone, Davenport, New Briton, Schutte and more.


  • Requires minimal supervision.
  • Offers high precision.
  • Ability to produce very high volumes.
  • Extensive catalog of attachments and tools.
  • More efficient use of materials.
  • Better product quality.
  • Reduction in factory lead times.

Auto Screw Machine Assistance

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