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vertical tilt frame saws
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Amada/ Marvel (Mark III) ALL-MECHANICAL, UNIVERSAL, METAL CUTTING, BAND SAW MACHINE. Automatic return with semi-automatic operation.

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0-250 lbs. Feed system, 1-1/4" Blade, 5 HP infinitely variable blade speed 5-450 FPM, 60 degree mitering left or right, Auto return, quick acting vise, Adjustable stops Coolant system w/ wash down hose, and manuals WARRANTY Amada warrants to the original purchaser one parts and two years labor from the date of shipment.

Dimensions102″ x 72″ x 90″
Weight3,000 lbs.

Speed Range 50 – 450 fpm (15 – 137 m/min) infinitely variable speed drive system. Front-Mounted Speed Control Allows blade speed to be adjusted from operator’s control station. Feed Range 0 – 250 lbs. (113 kgf) infinitely variable with control on operator’s panel and Automatic Column Return. Column feed is mechanical with Amada Machinery America, Inc. clutch power feed. T-Slotted Work Table Work area 24.25” x 33” (616 mm x 838 mm); Table height 38” (965 mm); Two machined T-slots. Wheel Diameter 19” (482 mm), cast iron wheels. Blade Break/Stall Detection Standard equipment shuts off machine in the event of blade breaking or stalling. Miter Cutting Column and blade tilt up to 60° right and left of vertical; work always stationary. Manual tilt is standard with Sure-Lock and Built-in protractor. Electric Power tilt is optional. Saw Column Amada Machinery America, Inc. patent pending Quick Change Column is standard on all machines. Allows column to be set either non-canted (default) or at a 3° forward cant (as requested). Column travels on re-circulating linear ball bearing rails. Quick-Action Vise Maximum opening 18” (457 mm). Jaws can be shifted to either right or left side of blade. Jaws are 6” (152 mm) high, 12” (305 mm) wide. Please specify if standard left hand, or right hand entry by request. Saw Feed Stops Adjustable stops can be pre-set to stop advance of the saw head and return of blade and to stop motor at any location within the 18” (457 mm) travel of the blade. Coolant System Built in with Flood system, available with added optional drop lubrication system. (Requires compressed air connection - Option Code ML2). Controlled by on-off selector switch at operator’s station. Tank capacity 21 gallons (79 liters). Flushing Hose Washes chips from hard-to-get-at places reducing clean-up time. Power Chip Brush Together with blade wipers and flood coolant keep blade teeth free of chips. Carbide Guide System Solid carbide post design equipped with Patent Pending Amada Machinery America, Inc. Easy Load Guide Blocks. Upper and lower guides have preloaded carbide faced back-up blocks to support back edge of blade. Blade 15' 4" (4674 mm) long x 1.25" (32 mm) wide, .042" (1.07 mm) thick. Blade Tension Blade tension ratchet stops automatically at factory pre-set, 40,000 psi (A compressed air Motors Main; 5 H.P. (3.75 kW), 1800 RPM, totally enclosed fan cooled. Coolant Pump; 1/8 H.P. (.1 kW) totally enclosed motor-built-in integrally. Available voltage: 208 volt, 230 volt, or 460, 3 phase, 60 Hz. Voltage must be specified when ordering. Controls IEC fused disconnect switch and magnetic motor starters with overload and low-voltage protection. Power supply provides low voltage (24 volts DC) control to all push buttons at operator’s control panel and machine lighting circuits. PLC control and drives mounted in moisture-tight compartment with vibration isolation mountings. Electrical Equipment conforms to National Electrical Code NFPA 79. The Electrical Control Panel is U.L. Labeled E56388. OPTION DESCRIPTIONS Product Short Description Product Description VT4555M (8-Mark-III) Metal Cutting Band Saw ALL-MECHANICAL, UNIVERSAL, METAL CUTTING, BANDSAW MACHINE Marvel Classic Color Scheme Also available in “Marvel Classic” color scheme for additional charge (see options sheet). Blade Eagle Beak VTR Eagle Beak VTR blade 15' 4" long x 1.25" wide, 3/6 tooth pitch. This is the standard blade that is included with machine purchase and you have the option to order more. PURCHASE 10 OR MORE BLADES WITH YOUR INITIAL BANDSAW PURCHASE AND RECEIVE AN ADDITIONAL YEAR OF PARTS WARRANTY. PURCHASE 36 OR MORE BLADES AND RECEIVE AN ADDITIONAL YEAR OF PARTS WARRANTY AND UP TO 35% OFF PARTS DISCOUNT (SEE BLADE CLUB FLYER FOR DETAILS). Note: if M6 High Column option is selected blade price needs to be adjusted. M3M Powered Column Tilt Provides powered tilting of saw column up to 60° to both right and left sides. Tilt control switch is located on the operator’s control panel M6 High Column Column 6” (150 mm) longer than standard, providing increased vertical capacity to 28” (711 mm) at vertical position. High frame machines require a 16’ 4” (498 mm) blade. Note: Includes Option Code 8/M3M Powered Column Tilt. E4 Second Standard Vise- COMPLETE Standard set including 6” high x 12” wide (152mm x 305mm) jaws and clamping hardware. PERMITS MITER CUTTING. PN: (00092) M7 High Jaws 10” high x 12” wide (254 mm x 305 mm) in place of standard jaws provided with machine. Jaws use same clamping hardware provided with machine. DO NOT PERMIT MITER CUTTING. M8 45° High Jaws In place of standard jaws provided with machine. Jaws use same clamping hardware provided with machine. One Front Jaw and one Rear Jaw, both mitered 45°, 10” high x 12” wide. E14 Air Powered Vise Only for use with standard or high jaw vise supplied with machine. This can be used in place of the standard hand crank ratchet nut. *Air supply not included. PN: (10843) M9A Variable vise pressure Controls and connections added to enable the machine to operate with air controlled variable vise pressure for one or two vises and utilizes the optional E14 (sold separately) Pneumatic Vise. PN: (8AB01507) ML2 Mist Lube- Automatic Drop Lubrication System. (Requires compressed air connection 60-120psi). PN: (00036) CL2210 Unist Coolube 2210 Unist Coolube 2210 is the cutting oil and lubricant that is shipped within your ML2 (Mist drop lubrication system). It is formulated as a metal cutting oil and lubricant for metals, wood, rubber, and most plastics. It is 100% natural, non-toxic, non-staining, and will not oxidize (become sticky or leave a residue). Coolube 2210 cutting fluid does not contain any ingredients currently recognized as hazardous by OSHA, IARC or NIP. Coolube 2210 machining oil will never cause dermatitis and is formulated from cosmetic grade raw materials, which makes it entirely worker and environmentally safe. Coolube 2210 is a USDA certified biobased product. LAL Laser Alignment Light Laser projector for quick spotting of the cut. PN: (00099)

Marvel/Amada (Mark III) 18" x 22" Manual Vertical tilt frame bandsaw, 1-1/4" Blade, 60 degree angle left or right.

Illinois, United States
Marvel/Amada (Mark III) 18" x 22" Manual Vertical tilt frame bandsaw, 1-1/4" Blade, 60 degree angle left or right.
vertical tilt frame saws