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Amada HA 400 W Automatic Bandsaw ALSO AVAILABLE: Doall C-3350NC, Doall C-3300NC, Jaespa 16" Dual Column NC REBUILT, consisting of, Disassemble, Clean, Inspect, Drain oils, Replace any work hoses, ...
Amada HDA-250 Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw Bandsaw, Fully automatic, Hydraulic, Scissors type, Kysor Johnson. ALSO AVAILABLE: DOALL C-916A, DOALL C-305A, DOALL C-3300NC. Selling Price $7,450.00...
Horizontal Bandsaw, Baxter 280S Bandsaw, Cut off saw, Scissors type bandsaw, Like Doall, Amada, Kalamazoo, Wellsaw

2018 COSEN C-260NC

Horizontal Band Saws
Stock #: 3218
New - In-Stock
Cosen C-260NC Fully Automatic Bandsaw Cosen fully automatic horizontal bandsaw, Cut-off saw, Production saw, wet saw, NC saw

2016 COSEN C-325NC

Horizontal Band Saws
Stock #: 3242
New - In-Stock
COSEN MODEL C-325NC Cosen's C-325NC is a high production machine which incorporates a massive base, sturdy saw frame, with an extremely heavy duty gear box, a 5HP drive motor, and a user friendly ...
Doall 916-S Swivel Bandsaw, Mitering, Horizontal Doall, Mitering, cut-off saw,

2020 DOALL 400 S

Horizontal Band Saws
Stock #: 3929
New - In-Stock
Doall 400-S Swivel Bandsaw Doall, Mitering, cut-off saw,
Doall C-650NC Dual Column Horizontal Bandsaw Bandsaw, heavy duty bandsaw, Production bandsaw, Automatic bandsaw, Dual Column bandsaw, cut-off saw, Billet saw

1990 HEM H150 A

Horizontal Band Saws
Stock #: 3927
Used - Good
HEM H150A Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw HE&M, HEM saw, Fully automatic horizontal Bandsaw, Programmable, NC, 25" capacity, Shuttle feed, Like Doall, Hyd-Mech, Amada, Cosen, Kasto
Marvel/Spartan S330/2HV Horizontal Mitering Bandsaw Spartan by Marvel Horizontal Miter bandsaw. 60 degree miter capability, Like Hyd-Mech, Hem Amada